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NEW September 2021

Exploring the Word: Growing in Faith

SERIES 1, Mark My Word

Three studies giving an overview of key features of the Gospel according to St.Mark written and delivered by Rev. Dr. Sue Woan

The greatest benefits from these studies will be gained by downloading the notes and working through them before watching the videos. The studies can be used by individuals or by groups. They can be dowloaded for personal or small group study free of charge, but the content may not be altered.

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Exploring the Word: Growing in Faith, Series 1, Mark click

NOTES FOR WEEKS 1 & 2      21&27.09.2021 click

NEW VIDEO FOR WEEK 1  21.09.2021click WENT LIVE on TUESDAY 21st September 2021

NEW VIDEO FOR WEEK 2  27.09.2021 click   WENT LIVE on MONDAY 27th September 2021

NEW VIDEO FOR WEEK 3  04.10.2021 click  WENT LIVE on MONDAY 27th September2021

For previous study series, Prayer: God's Engine Room click on the link below


Click to go to Turning Point Church page broadcast on this site during the first lockdown, including a series of talks on Romans chapter 8 from week 13 onwards. 

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