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-Abraham: Know To Whom You Are Praying

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Notes for Week 1- Abraham: Know To Whom You're Praying 15.10.2020 click

Notes for Week 2- Moses: Prayer For God's Presence And Glory 22.10.2020 click

A ten week series of studies of  prayers for our time

spoken by great characters in the Old Testament.

Videos are available on YouTube weekly from 

today, Thursday 15th October 2020, & remain accessible.

Study notes accompany the series. 

They are available a week ahead of the video going on line,

to allow time for personal study of the Bible passage.

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Eagle’s Wings Ministries UK endeavours to encourage and enable Christians in leadership roles to be strong and effective in those roles with the character of a servant leader in whatever setting God has placed them, church, church school, business or industry.

Are you a Christian in leadership …

  • in education (especially church school head teacher or governor)
  • in business or industry

Are you …

  • trying to build a leadership team?
  • seeking to develop vision?
  • trying to keep all the plates spinning? 

Would you value a …

  • ‘listening ear’
  • an opportunity to talk and pray through issues with someone who has experience and understanding and outside of your normal circle of colleagues and friends

Church Leaders Church School head teachers and governors Executives and managers in business and industry

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