Business & Industry Leadership

LEADERS - refreshed in Christ: renewed in mission

Never have the demands of leadership and the responsibilities of leaders in business, commerce and industry been as great and as exacting as they are today. Financial constraints, future viability of the business and the livelihood and wellbeing of staff depend on daily decisions of senior executives and boards.  General Managers are being set progressively more challenging targets, to work and to expect their staff to work longer hours and be more flexible.

Being a Christian in such circumstances can be an enormous challenge to exercise their responsibilities at such levels with transparent integrity.  

We offer the opportunity, with confidentiality and free of charge, to discuss:-

  • work pressures and there effect on home and spiritual life;
  • the challenge of conflicting business and Christian ethics and priorities;
  • the challenge of meeting deadlines, project and profit targets while caring for staff
  • coping strategies
OR simply 'just talk' to someone outside the situation

Like to talk? Please get in touch.

Eagle’s Wings Ministries UK offers Christians in the UK in executive, senior and general management positions in industry and business:

  • an independent and confidential listening ear and an opportunity to talk through the personal pressures and stresses resulting from their role with someone who has been in such positions.
  • people who do not profess the Christian faith are also welcome to get in  touch
  • we are not a counselling service
  • we are not an advisory service 
  • we make no charge
  • we are a registered charity independent of denominational structures

Rev. Dr. Allen Edwards 

worked for thirty years in senior posts in the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, following service as an officer in the Royal Navy.

He is well experienced in understanding the pressures and stresses of such positions. Allen was ordained later in life, but has always sought to apply his Christian faith to all aspects of his life. More...