Church Leadership

LEADERS - refreshed in Christ: renewed in mission

Eagle’s Wings Ministries UK offers a listening ear and consultancy

Church Leadership

Leading a local church fellowship or group of churches is the greatest job on earth. True it has its let downs and challenges - but then the early church leaders faced those!

How do we avoid getting burnt out by the demands or problems and by grasping the opportunities?

How do we keep focused on mission and fresh in ministry?

How do we get a clear perspective on what’s happening?

How do we, our leadership teams and members discern God’s vision for the future?

Just as important how do we see it become reality?

Do any of these hit the button? Then get in touch. We would love to hear from you and to correspond or chat. Our ministry is CONFIDENTIAL and FREE.


Eagle’s Wings Ministries UK offers a listening ear and consultancy

  • for leaders and leadership groups to discuss opportunities and challenges  they are facing, to help them discern values, vision and strategies that will foster the development of their local mission and ministry.
  • for leaders feeling the stress and pressure of church leadership
  • we are not a counselling service; more mentor/soul-friend 
  • we have had experience over many years in various aspects of church leadership in different settings
  • we have a passion to see the local church being equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit
  • we are a registered charity independent of denominational structures


Mike Stear 

was in local church leadership for many years and has a wider ministry amongst church leaders at home and abroad. Other members of the team have similar experience.  More...