Church School Leadership

LEADERS - refreshed in Christ: renewed in mission

It’s a bit like plate juggling at times. Keeping all the initiatives, issues and objectives spinning and trying not to get stressed about the one that’s going to fall soon! Working with youngsters is brilliant, stimulating and exhausting all at the same time! Leadership in school gives great opportunities but frustrations from bureaucracy to challenging children! Never have the demands responsibilities of leaders in schools been as great and as exacting as they are today. YET,  you want the best for your youngsters and staff. As a church school you want it to have a distinctiveness that will benefit school and community.

We think church schools are important and special. Could an independent, understanding and confidential listening ear be helpful? If you are a head teacher, chair of governors, incumbent with a church school - get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Our service is CONFIDENTIAL and FREE.

Eagle’s Wings Ministries UK offers an independent listening ear and consultancy-

  • for those involved in any aspect of church school leadership
  • for church schools in developing their Christian ethos 
  • for those in other settings, to explore what it means to live and work as a Christian in their situation.
  • we offer experience from teaching, leadership and governance
  • we believe in the importance of partnership between church schools  and their local church
  • we are not a counselling service
  • we are not promoting proselytisation in schools
  • we are a registered charity independent of denominational structures