Our Vision 

LEADERS - refreshed in Christ: renewed in mission

Eagle’s Wings Ministries UK exists to help encourage and enable Christians in leadership roles to be strong and effective in those roles with the character of a servant leader in whatever setting God has placed them. 

Servant leadership is modelled by Christ. It is not weak or indecisive. It is strong, visionary, decisive yet characterised by an attitude of humility, service and concern for the wellbeing of those who are being led.

EWM UK aims to

  • provide an independent listening ear for leaders - especially for those who feel isolated, facing challenges or demanding opportunities and those feeling discouraged 
  • help leaders of churches and church schools in working through how to discern God’s vision for their church or school and how to enable it to become a reality.
  •  help leaders in business and industry to see that God is interested in every aspect of their work, their opportunities and the challenges they face
  • foster renewed confidence in the power of the Gospel, the relevance of God’s Word and a fresh experience of the Holy Spirit’s power and wisdom with renewed confidence in living for God where they are.

EWM UK seeks to do this through

  • 1-1 consultation, face to face, on the phone, by email (if overseas) or Skype
  •   meeting with leadership teams

Eagle’s Wings Ministries UK Ltd objects are -

(as stated in the registration with the Charity Commission)

  • To advance the Christian religion for the benefit of the the public through the holding of prayer meetings, supporting and working with leaders and leadership teams and by such other means as the trustees may determine in order to enlighten others about the Christian religion.
  • For such other charitable purposes as the trustees may from time to time determine.

Our Mission

To encourage and enable strong and effective Christian leadership

We appreciate how demanding and exciting are the challenges and opportunities which face Christians in leadership around the world today.

We offer to come along side Christians in leadership