Thoughts and Meditations

LEADERS - refreshed in Christ: renewed in mission

Some thoughts and meditations revised from those published

on the previous EWM UK website, now published in topics. 

More to follow through the year.

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01. What's New? New Year; New Life; Hope; New Covenant; The Lord's Compassion

02. Rest - you need it! Burn Out; Creator's Pattern; Wait Patiently; Heading the Right direction; Our Final Rest

03. Pause to Wonder: Pause to Worship  You don't have to understand it - enjoy it;  Meekness the Gateway to Power Encounter; The Three Cups; The Anchor for the Soul

04 Reflections On Easter And Mission  Recapture the "WOW" Factor; The Great "AS" and "SO" Commission; Come and Have Breakfast; Secure - but not always safe.

05 The Holy Spirit Reflections on Pentecost and Jesus' promises of the Holy Spirit. Power for life - promised; Power for life received; God in you; Fruitfulness and Faithfulness - partnership with the Holy Spirit. There are four more to follow.

06 Paul's Prayers  A series of seven reflections looking at seven of Paul's great prayers.