Books and Music used or mentioned in Prayer: God's Engine Room Oct-Dec 2020

Grove Books: Tools for Christians “Not the last word ....but often the first”. 

If you’ve not encountered Grove books before, you’re missing a great resource. These slim, concise booklets are great for taking things just a

little further. They cost £3.95 each but discounts available. Most titles also available for electronic download.  

The Heart Of God, Kenneth Boa, published by 10 Publishing 2019, contains ninety daily prayer exercises that are grounded in Scripture. Each section is structured, Praise and Worship, Personal Examination, Commitment, Personal Concerns, Concerns For Others,Prayer Of Thanksgiving, Concluding Prayer.

Praying The Scriptures, Judson Cornwall, published by Charisma House, latest edition 2008. Linking the writing to Scripture, the book has four main sections. The Purpose of Prayer; The Power Of Prayer; The Position Of Prayer, The Promise Of Prayer.

Enjoying God, Tim Chester, published by The Good Book Company, 2018, reprinted 4 times in 2019. Discover not only what it means to have a relationship with the living God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - but also how it can be infused with genuine joy. At the heart of the book are three chapters on our relationship with the Father, then three on our relationship with the Son followed by three on our relationship with the Holy Spirit.

God On Mute, Pete Greig, published by, David © Cook. 2007 (reprint or new edition since then, but year unknown). Like his later book, Dirty Glory, there is much based on personal testimony. From the back cover, “Writing out of the pain of his wife’s fight for her life but also the wonder of watching the prayer movement they founded touch so many lives, Pete Greig wrestles with the dark side of prayer and emerges with a hard-won message of hope, comfort and profound biblical insight for all who suffer in silence.

String Heaven and String Heaven II King's Chamber Orchestra - beautiful instrumental music in a more classical for link 

Wellspring - The Best Is Yet to Come and Lord OF The Ages.

My First Love, CD Live Worship from Stonleigh Bible Week 1996, Kingsway Music