Swans and signetsMarriage and Family Life

These notes arose from invitations to speak on the subject to church leaders in Uganda, in Siyabuswa a former Homeland in South Africa and in Rwanda. 

The intention of these notes is to look at biblical principles whilst leaving space for application within different cultures. We have tried hard to avoid a British cultural overlay. The reader has to judge how far we have succeeded in this. Feed back we have received from people who attended the conferences where we worked through this material have been incredibly positive. 

The notes are intended to be interactive and will work best in a small group of couples. Ideally couples need to talk through the issues addressed.

The notes may also prove helpful to church leaders in preparing young Christian couples for marriage.

The notes are available in English and Kinyarwanda, the national language of Rwanda. We hope that you find them helpful. They can be downloaded, printed and used free of charge. CLICK on the links below.

Investing in Your Marriage 

Investing in Your Family