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Bible Studies

in Lucazi (Luchazi) and English

These are the first two of a series which will gradually become available. Each unit has four studies.

Notes for Lucazi Bible Studies

These studies are designed to be used in small groups where not everyone is literate. They were written for groups of women in a rural setting. The leader needs to be literate and have access to a Bible in Lucazi or, if appropriate, in English and it is helpful if others can refer to a bible as well. The leader needs to begin by reading the set passage through to everyone at the beginning and then working through each question one at a time encouraging participants to answer. The appropriate verse needs reading out again before the question is asked. The English version could be translated locally into any heart language into which a Bible has been translated.

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01. David in the Old Testament

02. Stories from the Early Church

03. The Story of Ruth

04. Women Who Met Jesus

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